My indulgence and “cabin fever”

Yes.I think i got cabin fever, at least my boy confidence this is what i am having at the moment. And all i can think is, to indulge myself in my favourite things which again will make him laugh and say “go for it girl !”.Well at least i imagine he would say this..its just that why not?? So , remembering my indulgence lists, i can say chocolate, coffee latte, watching JamieOliver cooks and smiles cutely, and cuddling with me boy ( this is the best ) and one of my favourites !! Smoked salmon toast . Everyone has a comfort food right ? well not everyone treats food for comfort, it can be smoking, drinking till you piss, swearing, laughing, dancing, surfing even! Mine is this.Food is my passion! And other things i will mention later on. Yes. How can we make tasty one?You need to have a fresh brown bread, and you get smoked salmon marinated with lemon juice and crushed peppercorn. And you toast the bread lightly, put them on your plate, spread some nice buttery avocado that you scoop directly from the fresh opened avocado, and put the marinated salmon. Later, on top of salmon, you put rockets salad, sun dried tomatoes as much as you like make sure you don’t overdo it because they can dominate the taste of salmon, and then you sprinkle crushed feta cheese. On top, you spread some dressings of your favourite. Bon Apetite !!


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World in peace…can we go there?

A journal i received today from Herald Tribune. A world of peace is all about politics and human’s greediness. I never being asked to be born as whatever religion and i believe what i ve learn in my religion is all about peace, forgiveness and respect of others. Too bad, some or even most of us, use that as their own intention. Be compassion my friend. Be emphatic, and be tolerate.


Why …Why Not

Life’s two most important questions are “Why?” and “Why not?” The trick knows which one to ask. I am reading this book written by Gordon Livingston called Too Soon Old Too Late Smart and in one of this point is about the why and why not. If people are reluctant to answer “Why?” questions in their lives, they also tend to have trouble with “Why not?” The latter implies risk. Steeped in habit and fearful of change, most of us are to same degree risk-averse. Particularly in activities that may involve rejection, we tend to act as if our sense of ourselves is fragile and must be protected. One would think that these fears would improve with age and experience, the opposite is usually the case. One of most common and important pursuits, the effort to find a partner. So back to you, why and why not?

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My Good Cause

picbox2.jpgIni loh beberapa foto selama aku bekerja dengan SurfAid.Udah 5 tahun dan masih ingin berkarya dan menyumbangkan pikiran,tenaga, rasa belas kasih kepada mereka yang membutuhkan di daerah terpencil kepulauan Mentawai. Ini hanya segelintir foto dari beberapa kegiatan lapangan yang telah aku jalani dan InsyaAllah akan terus aku jalani sampai aku muak dan tidak mampu lagi. Aku senang berada disana dan mengarungi ombak besar diatas kapal kayu, duduk disamping seorang ibu tua “TeTeo” yang ikut bersama rombongan kami di kegiatan imunisasi yang kami lakukan di desa pilot kami, Taileleu. Jaraknya sebenarnya 30 menit kalau cuaca bagus, tapi kalau cuaca buruk ( ombak bisa setinggi 5 meter) dan angin kencang, perjalanan bisa ditempuh selama 1 jam. Kemudian, aku juga sempat tinggal di desa itu bersama rekan kerja untuk melakukan riset perilaku terhadap masyarakat disana.Aku mengayuh sepeda milik pak lurah ke desa yang jaraknya sekitar 2 km tapi dibawah terik matahari dan pernah kami diserang yang namanya”heat-wave”..very dangerous. Ada masa suka dan duka,dan tentu saja…lebih menarik untukku dibanding bekerja di ruangan berAC berpakaian necis dan berseragam, datang dan pulang tepat waktu pakai Time-Lock. I think this is me and this is my passion. To be out there and to embrace the trueness of life.Makes you apreciate life more too. Thanks SurfAid. You move on with the good cause and you have made me a better person every moment.

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Spiritual thought of the day


The source of all good, evil, weal and harm lies with actions, speech and thoughts. Did you bring your actions, speech and thoughts with you today? Or have you left them at home? This is where you must look, right here. You don’t have to look very far away. Look at your actions, speech and thoughts.

-Ajahn Chah, “Living Dharma”

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In my old blog, i mentioned about the little accident that gives me a big plestered feet, and the heaviness drives me insane, but i m not going to whinge about it here. In fact, say it out loud but it was one of happiest moments i ever have since the doctor took off the plester that has been hanging and surrounding my feet and half of my leg for 3 weeks. Feet thats free Ah, the burden has gone.Feel blessed and i still can’t believe the doctor said i can start learn how to walk again..hmm you mean no need to put that horrible pin ? no.Oh my dear leg, how i missed you, you must be lonely and dry, you so soft and cold, and limpy too. We will be friends again hehehe.I just need to learn the walk again and of course right now, my feet doesnt look like a normal feet, it’s rather bruised and swollen in some parts because blood didnt really flow in that area for 3 weeks or so, and they still stiff,sore and when i try to move it , they tickles me like a “ants bite” hehehehe…I can hear the song ” I will survive” and i soon will go for a light swim to teach my muscles, many messages and walk to the beach, watch the sun rise, of course cuddles of loved one ūüôā
I am looking forward to watch a cultural show. Something to look forward to. And i am happy just to think of it ūüôā

Yesterday, today and tomorrow will be the music of my life .

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