In my old blog, i mentioned about the little accident that gives me a big plestered feet, and the heaviness drives me insane, but i m not going to whinge about it here. In fact, say it out loud but it was one of happiest moments i ever have since the doctor took off the plester that has been hanging and surrounding my feet and half of my leg for 3 weeks. Feet thats free Ah, the burden has gone.Feel blessed and i still can’t believe the doctor said i can start learn how to walk again..hmm you mean no need to put that horrible pin ? no.Oh my dear leg, how i missed you, you must be lonely and dry, you so soft and cold, and limpy too. We will be friends again hehehe.I just need to learn the walk again and of course right now, my feet doesnt look like a normal feet, it’s rather bruised and swollen in some parts because blood didnt really flow in that area for 3 weeks or so, and they still stiff,sore and when i try to move it , they tickles me like a “ants bite” hehehehe…I can hear the song ” I will survive” and i soon will go for a light swim to teach my muscles, many messages and walk to the beach, watch the sun rise, of course cuddles of loved one ūüôā
I am looking forward to watch a cultural show. Something to look forward to. And i am happy just to think of it ūüôā

Yesterday, today and tomorrow will be the music of my life .

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