My indulgence and “cabin fever”

Yes.I think i got cabin fever, at least my boy confidence this is what i am having at the moment. And all i can think is, to indulge myself in my favourite things which again will make him laugh and say “go for it girl !”.Well at least i imagine he would say this..its just that why not?? So , remembering my indulgence lists, i can say chocolate, coffee latte, watching JamieOliver cooks and smiles cutely, and cuddling with me boy ( this is the best ) and one of my favourites !! Smoked salmon toast . Everyone has a comfort food right ? well not everyone treats food for comfort, it can be smoking, drinking till you piss, swearing, laughing, dancing, surfing even! Mine is this.Food is my passion! And other things i will mention later on. Yes. How can we make tasty one?You need to have a fresh brown bread, and you get smoked salmon marinated with lemon juice and crushed peppercorn. And you toast the bread lightly, put them on your plate, spread some nice buttery avocado that you scoop directly from the fresh opened avocado, and put the marinated salmon. Later, on top of salmon, you put rockets salad, sun dried tomatoes as much as you like make sure you don’t overdo it because they can dominate the taste of salmon, and then you sprinkle crushed feta cheese. On top, you spread some dressings of your favourite. Bon Apetite !!


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