World in peace…can we go there?

A journal i received today from Herald Tribune. A world of peace is all about politics and human’s greediness. I never being asked to be born as whatever religion and i believe what i ve learn in my religion is all about peace, forgiveness and respect of others. Too bad, some or even most of us, use that as their own intention. Be compassion my friend. Be emphatic, and be tolerate.


Why …Why Not

Life’s two most important questions are “Why?” and “Why not?” The trick knows which one to ask. I am reading this book written by Gordon Livingston called Too Soon Old Too Late Smart and in one of this point is about the why and why not. If people are reluctant to answer “Why?” questions in their lives, they also tend to have trouble with “Why not?” The latter implies risk. Steeped in habit and fearful of change, most of us are to same degree risk-averse. Particularly in activities that may involve rejection, we tend to act as if our sense of ourselves is fragile and must be protected. One would think that these fears would improve with age and experience, the opposite is usually the case. One of most common and important pursuits, the effort to find a partner. So back to you, why and why not?

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